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Samsung 2016 Smart Tizen Recensione

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Smart Platform Samsung is Tizen 2016, like the previous year the platform is based on Linux is one of the most complete as it is a stable but until now was complicated with too many options on the same screen system. This 2016 Samsung has endeavored to improve this.

Tizen Samsung 2016 Smart TVs

It is a complete platform, Samsung was one of the first to bet on the Smart and it shows as it has more applications available than any other, is a stable system and navigating the menu is somewhat simpler than in 2015, it is added second level icons. We believe that a remote control with a pointer would have helped, especially if you do not have keyboard. In conculsion we can say that is very complete and that its simplicity is getting closer to webOS LG or Panasonic muyHomeScreen.

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